photo by Sophya

Community Christmas Episode, Photos!

Sophya Vidal and I working on a mountain. Photo by Nicole Emmons.

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Fifteen seconds of stop motion. All the way through.

Community Christmas Episode

I was in Burbank for 2 weeks as an intern for this very special episode of Community.  NBC has put up some behind-the-scenes videos and here is one of them.  I was lucky enough to be there on the day they filmed actor interviews.  It was my last day, and I got to conclude my internship by getting to animate my very own shot.  :D

Don’t forget to watch Community Thursday evening the 9th on NBC!


Fresnel Beam of Light

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Tyrannosaurus Sketches

My cg project this term will have a tyrannosaurus.  The stop motion project I’ve been working on has nearly finished filming. All the shots are done and we have a day just to shoot little extra things tomorrow.  I’m gearing up to spend a lot of time concentrating on cg now.


Ultraviolet Coral

UV-activated stop-motion set.


A Clay Hand

A fresh clay hand with a prop on the set.



Crab has one big pincher and one small pincher and also the word “crab.”



This watercolor I did of a komurasaki hermit crab I once had gets to be in a miniature picture frame on a set I’m animating on. Her name was Mangetsu. There’s another painting of just the fox nose shell she’s wearing.



Armature wire, copper wire, cold weld, k&s brass tubing, embroidery floss, foam, latex, and superglue. Six hours later I have one animatable ponytail.