Getting some one-on-one lip-sync lessons, as it pertains to using replacement faces and getting it to look smooth and have a flow when you only have ten shapes (it was amazing), I doodled during a long period of downtime and pinned this up next to the storyboards.

Popping Through

This is my first assignment from the Advanced 3D Character Animation class. I read that this type of workflow is good for cartoony-style animation.

Smile for the Camera

Something I can’t wait to animate.

Rigger: Harry Gladwin-Geoghegan

Artist: Timur Mehmets

Drying Wigs

Fabrication Tests

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Ant drawn in Harmony

Procedural sketching with Harmony

Harmony is by Ricardo Cabello and you can play with it here:

He makes available a list of third-party Harmony ports for iPhone and Android here: