Some More Set Photos

I took some photos of some of the shots I did the lighting for.  Here is one of them.  Lots of bounce cards to save wattage, and the spaces were teeny, adding lights would have been crowded.  Three sets had to share the capacity of two power regulators.  At one point a regulator blew up.  It was kind of like production bootcamp because our instructor was preparing to leave us to do the second half of shooting on our own.  We managed to, more or less, keep on-schedule.  The final shot was finished on the originally-scheduled due-date.  It was crazy pressure and part of the motivation to finish was that we thought the space we were using was going to be converted into classrooms.

Here are some photos:

Above is a still from the film itself.  Not color-corrected yet.  It’s totally raw.  It had to match the lighting of the shot below, lit with the help of Nova, one of the photography students who helped out.  I tried paying attention to where the shadows were and which direction the light was coming from.  I was fortunate enough to find some diagrams that Nova had drawn up for the shot below so that I could construct the one above.  Sometimes I had to rely on chance behind-the-scenes photographs people had taken to light other shots.

Just for fun I have this photo of a box of replacement Sister faces.  These are all the shapes we used for expressions and dialog.  Is there blood on the wall?

photo by Sophya

Community Christmas Episode, Photos!

Sophya Vidal and I working on a mountain. Photo by Nicole Emmons.

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Fifteen seconds of stop motion. All the way through.

Community Christmas Episode

I was in Burbank for 2 weeks as an intern for this very special episode of Community.  NBC has put up some behind-the-scenes videos and here is one of them.  I was lucky enough to be there on the day they filmed actor interviews.  It was my last day, and I got to conclude my internship by getting to animate my very own shot.  :D

Don’t forget to watch Community Thursday evening the 9th on NBC!


Fresnel Beam of Light

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Ultraviolet Coral

UV-activated stop-motion set.


A Clay Hand

A fresh clay hand with a prop on the set.



Armature wire, copper wire, cold weld, k&s brass tubing, embroidery floss, foam, latex, and superglue. Six hours later I have one animatable ponytail.



Getting some one-on-one lip-sync lessons, as it pertains to using replacement faces and getting it to look smooth and have a flow when you only have ten shapes (it was amazing), I doodled during a long period of downtime and pinned this up next to the storyboards.

Popping Through

This is my first assignment from the Advanced 3D Character Animation class. I read that this type of workflow is good for cartoony-style animation.