Honah Lee Sculpture – Part 1

I started with a sketch, to-scale, of a bust of my dragon character Honah Lee.  I have limited clay for this and my initial drawings were way too big, so I scanned it in photoshop and printed it smaller.  Comparison is below.  It was still too big, so I made one more printout a little bit smaller.  The next step is to use tracing paper to come up with the final design and begin building the armature and bulking it out with foil and paper to try to save even more clay. I think the head “fronds” need to be adjusted in their length, and I need to look at more reference photos to see if I have the ears and other parts in the right places.

Set Thumbnails

I found some thumbnails from when I took a stop motion set design class last spring.  Before considering colors, textures, and lighting, we had to start with a very strong foundation.  Numbering helps make note-taking a whole lot simpler.  Some thumbnails are studies on where I want to try to lead the eye.  It’s an exercise out of Create Your Own Stage Sets by Terry Thomas.

It was very collaborative, the design being the responsibility of the sets class while another class was simultaneously developing the story and the design of the characters.  We had some days where both classes overlapped to make sure we were all on the same page.

It’s so exciting to see how closely the finished product resembles the early renderings.



Tyrannosaurus Sketches

My cg project this term will have a tyrannosaurus.  The stop motion project I’ve been working on has nearly finished filming. All the shots are done and we have a day just to shoot little extra things tomorrow.  I’m gearing up to spend a lot of time concentrating on cg now.